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We teach learners to read, write and spell, for life.

Our Approach

We are qualified primary teachers with a passion for the Science of Reading.

Our belief is that every child can learn to read. Our evidence-based approaches support all children, from emergent readers to those who require additional support throughout their primary years. 

We run Reading Ready Groups for preschoolers.

We offer Ready, Set, Read Groups for primary school students.

We work with individual children who have specific learning differences such as dyslexia.

We work with schools to support teachers to move towards best practice for teaching reading, writing and spelling.

Our approach is "helpful for all children, harmful to none and crucial for some".

(Snow and Juel, 2005)




Preschool Groups

Our Reading Ready Preschool Groups are designed to introduce your child to the fundamental beginning reading skills. 


Literacy Intervention

We specialise in teaching children with specific learning differences including dyslexia.


Support for Schools

Our mission is to teach learners to read, write and spell, for life. To support this we work with schools to help refine literacy teaching practices so that they are aligned to the Science of Reading.


Primary School Groups

Designed to support children who are new to, or require extra support with learning to read and spell.


Holiday Programs

Ready to put your feet up? We've got you covered. Our holiday programs are engaging, educational and entertaining.


Kinder/ ELC
Professional Development
and Incursions

This program provides preschool children with the underpinning knowledge to support language and literacy development. We upskill educators to enable evidence based programming to become embedded within ELC services.

Meet Our Team


Nat Brass

Is a Literacy Intervention Teacher with a Master of Education (Inclusive and Special Education). She has specialist qualifications in working with dyslexic learners and those with specific learning differences.....


Sarah Hughes

Qualified as a primary school teacher in the UK with a specialty in English and Drama. She has taught in both public and private schools, within England, Singapore and Australia, teaching all areas of the curriculum.....


Pippa Hemley

Pippa is an early childhood teacher who is extremely passionate about play-based learning in Kindergartens and has worked.....

My son LOVES attending the Reading Ready groups, he is forever spotting letters and sounds when we are out and about.  He has learned a lot and is super excited to attend each week!

- Tim’s Mum

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