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1:1 Literacy Support

Service Description

The SailAway Readers approach is designed to target the specific needs of each learner. We begin with an assessment to determine the entry point for support. Our tutors are trained in a approaches and programs that are cumulative, structured and known as best-practice when working with dyslexic learners and students with specific literacy learning differences. Learning to read is essentially learning a code. The letters we use are simply symbols or written code for the speech sounds of English. Learning about the relationship between the letters of the alphabet and the speech sounds they represent allows us to “crack the code” and learn to both read (decode) and spell (encode). Some of the programs we use include Sounds-Write, Multisensory Structured Language (MSL), Alpha to Omega and Letters and Sounds (UK). Each approach is phonics based, direct, explicit, multi-sensory, highly structured and sequential, making them best practice for supporting struggling readers. The other fundamental aspect to each one-to one session is phonological awareness, known as the building blocks or essential foundation underlying a child's ability to learn to read and spell. Ongoing progress monitoring is an essential aspect of our teaching to ensure our students are securing the requisite knowledge. We collaborate with teachers and families to support a connection between classroom practices and our one-to-one support.

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