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This class is designed to support children who are new to, or require extra support with learning to read and spell. We systematically and explicitly teach and revise decoding strategies and spelling patterns and we support children to learn high frequency words through evidence-based instructional strategies. 

Our goal is to ensure children have a solid grasp of the basic skills to enable them to develop a love for literacy and become skilled and competent readers.

*Please note, this group is not designed as an extension or gifted class.

Location - Online.

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Tim’s Mum

My son LOVES attending the Reading Ready groups, he is forever spotting letters and sounds when we are out and about.  He has learned a lot and is super excited to attend each week!


Abby's Mum

Magic happened when my daughter entered the SailAway classes! They are friendly, intimate and focussed. The teachers are skilled and passionate, Abby loves coming!


Charlotte and Cam's  Dad

Thanks Nat and Sarah! The kids LOVE coming and can't wait for their reading classes every week. Amazing how much they have learned, they love pointing out sounds and symbols everywhere we go!

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